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Arun Malhotra

The Reconciler

Mr. Malhotra joined Hansji in 2003. As a Chartered Accountant since 1993 he brings with him vast experience of over 28 years in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation, and related fields. He firmly believes that a proper, clear, and transparent accounting system is the backbone of a sound and efficient organization. He is aptly called “The Reconciler”.

Arun likes working hand in hand with managers, providing monthly reports and information that give a comprehensive and analyzed picture of the operation of the business which help facilitate cost budgeting, and assist in informed decisions at the Properties as well the Corporate Office.

Living with the legacy of the organization’s moto of selfless service, Arun has been actively engaged in community service his entire career and finds a variety of way to give back to the community.

Gives Back Through Weekly Community Service

Adapted to US Taxation Rules After Immigrating

Has Donated 300 Units of Blood Since 2016

Favorite National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, California