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Marie Enriquez

Inspiration Instigator

At Terra Vi, Marie implements the sales marketing plan, establishes volume accounts, attends national and international sales missions, and assists in digital marketing to provide inspiration and excitement for travelers. Her previous experience as wedding and events planner at Sequoia Conference Center and as Director of Sales and Catering at Holiday Inn Hotel have given her extensive knowledge in personal collaboration and events coordination while being able to use her artistic ability in calligraphy, art staging, show rooms, and event decoration.

With the development of Terra Vi and focus on experiential and wellness travel, Marie further develops sales strategies for nature-inspired adventure, thematic, health & spiritual wellness, educational, cultural, sustainable, and responsible travel.

Aside from her appreciation of the great outdoors, Marie enjoys chalk art, sketching, journaling, and photography.

Mother of 2 Children Who Are 21 Years Apart

Master Wedding Planning Professional

Master Wellness Coaching Professional

Sustainability Leadership for Hotel and Tourism

Favorite National Park

Yosemite National Park, California